A History of Growth & Success

Dominion Enterprises Corporate Office Dominion Enterprises is a leading marketing services company serving the wide-ranging needs of many industries including real estate, apartments, specialty vehicles, automotive and travel.

With best-of-category magazines and websites, Dominion Enterprises is one of the largest providers of highly targeted classified advertising. Our familiar brands are recognized from coast to coast and include For Rent, boats.com, Homes.com, and HotelCoupons.com, as well as a full complement of specialty vehicle titles including CycleTrader.com and Commercial Truck Trader – all reaching millions of consumers.

Dominion Enterprises was established in September 2006 following a division of assets of its predecessor company, Trader Publishing Company, between shared owners Landmark and Cox Communications, Inc. Today, with our classified advertising, publishing, technology, data and Web products and services, Dominion Enterprises is well positioned to maintain its dominant market position and is poised to expand upon our proven record of success through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

Brands You Can Trust
At Dominion Enterprises, we never lose sight of the fact that people look to us when they are making some of the most important decisions of their lives. Whether it’s buying a new home or searching for their first apartment, changing jobs or making a big purchase like a motorcycle or RV, consumers know they can trust our brands to be the most comprehensive resource. It is this reality that drives one overriding business goal: provide consumers with an easy and reliable way to find the information they need to make educated decisions.

Best-In-Class Services
Dominion Enterprises is more than a marketplace to connect buyers and sellers. Our commitment to innovation and service extends to our other businesses as well. Developing and applying leading-edge technology for our commercial customers, for example, is part of the core services we provide – from Web site design and hosting to Internet and e-mail marketing to data management and distribution. These critical business services are provided to more than 650,000 customers and are geared toward helping businesses reach consumers in new and better ways.

Dominion Spirit
An entrepreneurial spirit that dates back to our founding in 1989 permeates Dominion Enterprises – a spirit that has helped create an atmosphere of unlimited growth and opportunity for our employees. It is the foundation for our growth, providing a path for pursuing new business opportunities that complement our existing products and services and opening the door to new opportunities. And it fosters an environment that allows us to respond quickly to market demands so our customers can have the best experience with our brands.