Company Headquarters:
150 Granby Street
Norfolk, Virginia 23510

Founding & Ownership:

  • Established in September 2006
  • Wholly-owned by Landmark Media Enterprises, LLC
  • Formerly Trader Publishing Company, which was founded in April 1991


  • More than 3,000 nationwide
  • Over 600 in Norfolk, Va.


  • 145 offices in 33 states and 5 countries


  • More than 40 market-leading websites, such as,,, and
  • More than 20 million unique monthly website visitors
  • Approximately 46 mobile apps with more than 5 million mobile visitors per month
  • Strong presence in social media; including Facebook and Twitter


  • FOR RENT: More than 20 million per year distributed in 70 markets across the U.S.
  • TRAVEL GUIDES: More than 30 million distributed per year in more than 10,000 locations along U.S. Interstate highways.

Technology & Web Solutions:

  • Website design and hosting services
  • Data management and distribution services with expertise in the automotive and real estate industries
  • Lead generation, CRM, e-commerce and Internet and e-mail marketing solutions across our major business segments